Ellen Page has no business being on this list.  She’s only 23.  She hasn’t been around long enough to earn a place on it. We didn’t want to put her on it, but her work demands it.  The thing is, Ellen Page may be only 23 but she’s already been in more good movies than more famous, more well-traveled, better respected Hollywood actors twice her age. That just can’t be an accident.  Sure she had a role in the mostly terrible X-Men 3, but the brilliant part of that decision is that the entire movie was so shallow and empty odds are you’ve already forgotten it.  But starting with Hard Candy in 2005 she’s made it a point to show up in some of the best and most interesting movies released every year and worked with some of the best writers and directors the movie industry has to offer.  Maybe it’s her unconventional look or her even more unconventional style of acting that keeps them casting her, but a lot of it, you have to think, has been up to her.  It’s not just that she keeps picking good movies, but she keeps picking different movies.  Movies that no one else is doing.  She’s been a molested child out for revenge, a pregnant hipster, a genius prodigy, a roller girl, and a dream designer.  All of that in a space of less than five years.  Ellen Page is too young to be on this list, too new to have a reliable track record.  But here she is anyway.

20 Actors Who Deserve Your Support


I call myself a feminist when people ask me if I am, and of course I am ‘cause it’s about equality, so I hope everyone is. You know you’re working in a patriarchal society when the word feminist has a weird connotation. “Hippie” has a weird connotation. “Liberal” has a weird connotation.
- Ellen Page (via aragons)




I’ve been lucky to get interesting parts but there are still not that many out there for women. And everybody is so critical of women. If there’s a movie starring a man that tanks, then I don’t see an article about the fact that the movie starred a man and that must be why it bombed. Then a film comes out where a woman is in the lead, or a movie comes out where a bunch of girls are roller derbying, and it doesn’t make much money and you see articles about how women can’t carry a film.

- Ellen Page in The Observer




CRAIG: Do you cuss a lot in your own life?
ELLEN: Ohhh yeah.
CRAIG: Really?
ELLEN: Probably a lot more than people would think because of this face.

Ellen Page on Craig Ferguson

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